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Dr. John Pullen taught Urban Economics and the History of Economic Thought at the School of Economics, University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia 2351; e-mail:









His study has received generous financial support from the Walsh Bequest, Macquarie University, Administrative support from Sean Turnell, convenor of the Walsh Bequest Committee, has also been very helpful. Additional financial support has been provided by the Henry George Foundation of Australia. The author is particularly indebted to Alan Dunstan for assistance in obtaining copies of newspaper reports and for invaluable background information on many aspects of Henry George’s tour, and to Richard Giles, Secretary, Association for Good Government, for advice and support. The following also have contributed ideas and suggestions: Geoff Forster, Syd Gilchrist, Betsy Harris, Graydon Henning, Bryan Kavanagh, David Smiley, David Spain, Kenneth Wenzer and the late Bill Pitt.




The phrase “more destructive than the rabbit or kangaroo”

comes from a report of a speech made by George

in Rockhampton (Queensland)

May 16, 1890.


















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